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GOSEN CHURCH is a non-profit, religious organization that provides personal and family counseling. it's a place of fellowship where Christ is lifted up and glorified. We are always happy to meet new people, - all are welcome.

The Gosen Church is commited to meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of all ages. In a world that is deteriorating both morally and spiritualy, Gosen Church is commited to seeking God for personal, life changing revival within our church and beyond to all we come in contact with. We wish to be the Lord's hand extended to all who need him.

"It's Better To Walk Alone Than With A Crowd Going The Wrong Direction." by Diane Grant


This quote was recently sent to me. Peer pressure is a very real thing. Many lives have been ruined because of the pressure to follow the crowd. Years ago we hiked up a mountain trail. The higher we went, the narrower the trail. We soon realised most had turned back as the trail was visably less traveled. By the time we reached the top, few had traveled that far. As we reached the top, the hours of hard walking became worth while. Before us lay a beautiful lake, so clear you could see the bottom. The way to the "Glory of God" is seldom traveled.

Remember, Moses risked everything to stand alone with God on Mt. Sinai. He alone saw the Glory.


By Rev. Gary Johnson

Schedule of events

Sunday School 9:30 AM
Sunday Worship 11:00 AM
Sunday Evening Concert Series at 7 PM once a month
Tuesday 10 AM, Church Telecast, Garden Valley Cable
Wednesday 6:30 PM. Bible Study at Sharon Ramberg's home, 33501 155th Ave SE Mentor MN.

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23482 390th St SE

McIntosh, MN 56556


Phone: 218 2684241


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What Keeps Us Going

Witnessing lives changed by the power of God through the ministry of His word, hope brought to the hopless, joy to the downtrodden and peace to the troubled.


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