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Gosen, the first Church of the 13 towns, was organized, November 17,1884. The Congregation was given the name, “Den Norsk Evangeliske Lutherske Gosen
Menighed i Polk County, MN”.
committee was selected to locate a place for a cemetery and church. They decided on the southern end of Section
26 in Knute Township on the land of Rev. Heierman. The remainder of the Heierman farm was later
sold to Helmer Hogenson who, shortly before his death, willed the farm to the church. The living place, just north of the church,
was later sold to Lance (who grew up in the church) and Julie Erickson. The farm land has been rented to farmers in
the area with the proceeds being used for the continual upkeep of the
church. Though both Rev. Heiereman and
Mr Hogenson have been gone for many years, their gifts to Gosen continue to
bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community.


Before the Church building was erected, the congregation met
in homes and for the most part, in an unheated loft at the home of Rev.
Heirman’s sister, just west of the church on Hwy 59 where now an A frame house
stands. The church building was erected
in 1886 from native logs donated by members of the congregation and Norwegian
and Swedish neighbors. The main building
was done by the Soli brothers who were trained in Norway. They were assisted by volunteers from the
congregation. The logs have since been
covered by siding but can still be seen as you look up the stairs to the


Being the only church in the area, membership grew rapidly
reaching 237 by 1885. The railroad came
through the area in 1888 and new settlements were established along with new
churches. Seeing the need for new
churches in traveling distance for the people, Rev Heierman organized 8 more
churches in the area. Once the
congregations were organized, pastors were brought in to build and pastor the
new church. Rev. Heierman then moved on to start another. The heavy load Rev. Heierman carried took its
toll. At the age of 47, he went home to
be with the Lord and was buried next to his wife and sister in the Gosen Cemetery
where his ministry to this area started. 
At the time of his death, he was serving in AtwaterMN.


Pastor Nicolai Heierman, 1884-1894

Pastor Nils Lunde, 1894-1895

Pastor Nicolai Heierman, 1895-1896

Pastor Martin Finstad, 1896-1902

Pastor Alexander Lunde, 1902-1903

Pastor Gabriel Isolany, 1903-1904

Pastor J. B. A Dale, 1904-1922

Pastor C. M. Westermoe 1922-1923

Pastor J. A. Korshavin, 1923-1941

Pastor C. S. Lystig, 1941-1946

Pastor E. B. Holte, 1946-1952

Pastor C. T. Fjeistul, 1952-1957

Pastor A. N Skogerboe, 1957- 1958

Pastor L. A. Staveness, 1958-1965

Pastor B. L. Duckstad, 1965-1966\

Pastor Aage Carlsen, 1966-1974

Pastor Russell Wierschke, 1975-1986


From 1986 through 1991, Gosen did not have a full time
Pastor. Guest speakers came including,

J. Erickson

Art Grimstad

Leo Johanessohn

Curt Paulson

John Goodrich

Floyd Dalzell

In 1988, the church voted to go Independent.

In 1991, the church voted to call Pastor Gary L Johnson to
be their full time Pastor who remains to this day. Since its vote to go independent, the church,
under the vision of Leo Johannessohn, began televising all services on Garden
Valley Cable every Tuesday morning at 10
AM. Also, from 1989-1990,
“The Adventure Club” was started which was a ministry to children.

In 2004, Nathan Johnson was called to be Youth Pastor to
head a ministry to teens which had begun a few years before.


One of the highlights for many of the community, is the
special music groups that come to Gosen the fourth Sunday of each month. These services can also be seen the following
Friday morning at 10 AM on
Garden Valley Cable.


For the past 125 years, GosenChurch
has proclaimed the Word of God to this community. That goal remains to be our objective in the
future. May we be faithful to that end
until the Day Jesus Christ comes again. It is our prayer that many shall come to know
Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


Schedule of events

Sunday School 9:30 AM
Sunday Worship 11:00 AM
Sunday Evening Concert Series at 7 PM once a month
Tuesday 10 AM, Church Telecast, Garden Valley Cable
Wednesday 6:30 PM. Bible Study at Sharon Ramberg's home, 33501 155th Ave SE Mentor MN.

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