Books by Pastor Gary Johnson

New in Christ 

    Book for new Believers 

    Price $5.00  plus $3.00 for pastage,  Contact us for quantity prices 


Till I See Heaven,

    Personal testimony of Pastor Gary and the early history of the Gloryland                Gospel Team.  It is the story of many miracles, ending with a dream of the              coming of Christ and a glimps into heaven.  This book has brought peace to            many dear saints as they were about to pass into eternity.

   Price  $5.00 plus $3.50 for postage


Nearing Home,

    A long awaited sequel to "Till I See Heaven."  Nearing Home is a book of a              journey of faith as the Gloryland Gospel Team traveled thourghout the                    country in an evangelisic, music ministry.  Travel with them as they plunged          into the path of a tornado and evacuated in the shadow of an erupting                      volcano.  A story of miracles, trials, and joy unspeakable.

    Gary was joined by his wife, Lois, and four children, his brother David and            his wife Brenda, and thier four children.  After 53 years of walking together,          in the quiet of the ER, Gary lovingly speaks his last words to his beloved,                 "MyDarling, Go with God."

    Price, $10.00 plus $3.50 for postage.


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